Wild Women Who Love

Dr T J Jordan
3 min readJun 5

It’s time to start breaking more rules…

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By Dr T J Jordan

In ancient Scandinavia, we were warriors who were buried with our swords and shields. In Iceland, we were explorers who ventured to the Americas centuries before Columbus showed that the world is round. And we were women.

We were the Old Testament Shulammite woman who sang the erotic praises of the male body. We were Joan of Arc and Rosa Parks, Cleopatra and Madam Curie. And we are always at least a little bit Mother Teresa because generosity of spirit is a female thing.

Perhaps the new age of loving waits for us to begin because we have been the heroes and the leaders so many times before. Time and again, we have been brave, bold, and beautiful. Now the world needs our wild woman spirit once more.

The Rights and The Privilege

We fought for equality in the workplace and in our relationships. The pay scale is starting to shift in our favor. Some of us are eschewing marriage for more independent versions of connection.

But economic growth and interpersonal freedoms are not enough for those of us who seek a more complete version of love.

When we make love, we want a different privilege. We want to stop focusing on our own physical appearance and to immerse ourselves in the bodies of our male lovers. We want to lead the erotic adventure without being called out for femdom. We want to be dominant and even aggressive as we express our sexual empowerment — but with warmth and nurturance, not anger or resentment.

We want the whole world of intimacy — all humans need this now because male-female relationships are in trouble.

The Call to Action

To turn our brave and nurturing ways toward the world, we need to risk boldly. We need to begin being the ones who propose connection and initiate sex. We need to put ourselves out there, regardless of the possibility…

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