What It Means to Find Your Life Partner

Dr T J Jordan
4 min readMar 4, 2023

And what happens when this partnership arrives

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By Dr T J Jordan

We have made many attempts to find the right words for the romantic connections that re-form our lives. In English, these include significant other, spouse, wife or husband, and even the unadorned term partner. But not one of these labels captures the profound bond that “soulmate” suggests — and that one is just too metaphysical for most people.

But “life partner” — that seems just about suitable. It suggests a commitment that takes us beyond activities of daily living and into a farther, even spiritual, realm. It speaks of consummate loving. It tells of lifelong devotion that merges minds, hearts, bodies, and souls. It implies passion and eternity.

Life Partnering

There is a way that “falling in love” blossoms into the best form of “being in love.”

This happens when new relationship energy has landed on precisely the right people — making us suspicious that the universe or something like it has conspired. Then these two people somehow find the wisdom, the generosity, and the courage — perhaps it’s the grace — to work together toward unconditional love.

Connection often starts with the desperate urgency of chemistry — but that’s just the preface, not even chapter one. But it’s a preface that often becomes the theme of lifelong desire.

For people destined to become life partners, new relationship energy is nourishment for connections that never finish reaching out toward each other, that never stop reaching beyond themselves in an elegant dance of intimacy. This is the path on which life partners find transcendence.

The process is endless and infinite until mortal life calls a halt. But until that time, connections rush forward and, in…



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