Next Stop Ecstasy*

Dr T J Jordan
5 min readJun 3, 2023

Six steps for getting your relationship from here to there

Photo by Daniel J. Schwarz on Unsplash

By Dr T J Jordan

Sometimes we long to make sex more than the brushing of bodies. We yearn to touch the divine in each other. Sometimes we need to feel that we’re meeting each other’s souls. But getting there is another story.

Nobody taught us how to do this most important task of our lives. We learned many things along the way, but we have received poor foundations in the mysterious art of loving. We wind up with lots of facts but very little practical wisdom.

To change our love lives from mundane conformity to adventurous intimacy, we need to be bold explorers, even renegades. We need to buck social conventions and the expectations of our tribes. We need to be Christopher Columbus, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart — and sometimes Mother Teresa.

We need to be agents of change in societies that privilege the superficial, the material, and the status quo. We need to be willing to risk just about everything we thought we knew about sex and love.



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